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About Our Space

Welcome to our cozy and nurturing infant care preschool! Nestled in a charming small grove of trees, our space feels just like home. Our setup is designed to evoke a warm and comforting environment for your little ones. With plenty of windows allowing beautiful natural light to flood in, your child will be surrounded by a bright and cheerful atmosphere that enhances their learning and growth. 


Our one-room setup promotes a sense of togetherness and a close-knit community, fostering strong bonds between caregivers, infants, and parents. We believe that the intimate setting provides the perfect environment for personalized care and attention, ensuring that each child's unique needs are met with love and dedication.


One of our favorite features in our recently updated playground, featuring soft turf, overhead shade, and a new porch. This inviting outdoor space provides ample opportunities for your child to explore, play, and develop their motor skills in a safe and secure environment. 

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